2 Things RNs Should Disclose Before Signing a Travel Contract


Those considering a new travel opportunity, and especially those new to travel, should be sure to ask questions before signing a travel contract. However, these two disclosures below may help you to avoid getting burned and ensure your experience as a traveler is a smooth one.


1. Do you have any (and we mean any) restrictions with your time?

Whether it’s a religious holiday you plan to observe or a family reunion you have to block off, facilities need to know these restricted dates up front. This will ensure that your time is respected and the facility won’t be surprised by a continuous stream of conditions that come up as time moves along. While things undoubtedly come up, do your best to get the dates you’re aware of organized and disclose it to the facility once. Facilities view you as a Traveler which to them means your availability is wide open. If you work with them on understanding any time restrictions you have, it may help you not only secure the position but also avoid conflict down the road.

2. Did you float at your previous position?  If so, where? 

Intensive Care nurses are used to an acuity level of 2:1 and knowing that a facility plans to float you to PCU or Med/Surg is just as important for your sake as it is for the facilities expectations. Make sure to knock down those details so you’re not subjected to an area you’re uncomfortable with and the facility doesn’t have false expectations.


These two pieces of information are just a small part of the big puzzle but are ones we’ve found helpful to ensure a positive experience during the assignment. Do YOU have specific questions that you ask as a traveler? What has been helpful for you in the past? Let us know in the comments below!


– Chris