Top 5 Florida Cities For Travel Nursing in 2015

With the busy season for nursing fast approaching, it’s great to know which hospital systems are busiest and where you can expect to see the highest paying contracts this coming year.  

Orlando, Florida

No longer just the number one tourist destination, Orlando has become the State’s fastest growing medical community.  For travel RN contracts, it is host to two major hospital systems with facilities placed in every quadrant of the city.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is home to one of the largest hospital systems in the country that owns almost all of the hospitals in the area.  The benefit?  It’s streamlined and something you can count on.  Downtown Tampa with it’s growing breweries and local restaurants is a YELP lovers dream and a 13 week contract is the perfect amount of time to explore all that Tampa has to offer.

St. Petersburg, Florida

What could be better than to wake up surrounded by water?  The Gulf of Mexico surrounds St. Petersburg. Downtown St. Pete hosts some of the country’s top triathlons and races for a reason.  Their accommodations, bike and running paths, and healthy culture are a dream come true for an athlete that likes to be connected to their community and explore food and drink options in a lively, waterfront city.

Ft. Myers, FL

How many places are far enough south that you can literally dodge winter all together?  It offers some of the best boating lifestyles in the country.  Ft. Myers also runs a ferry daily to Key West so on your off days, this contract destination may be the best way to live, work and play as a traveler.

 Sarasota, FL 

Is Sarasota an area that you’ve always wanted to explore, what better way than with a 3 month RN assignment.  The best thing about Sarasota is you could seamlessly end your travel contract and target the surrounding Ft. Myers and St Pete markets as your next contract destination.

– Chris