Travel Therapy – Top 10 FAQs


Therapists that are just starting to entertain the idea of traveling undoubtedly have questions surrounding what to expect. Here’s the ‘Top 10’ questions we get here at TravelMed regarding travel therapy:

1. How much experience do I need to get a travel position?

Minimally, travel therapists will have at least 1-2 years’ experience excluding clinicals completed during schooling. While there are opportunities out there for new grads, you will be expected to ‘hit the ground running’ and not receive the same mentorship that you would in a more traditional position obtained directly after your schooling is complete.

2. Where are travel contracts usually located?

TravelMed operates nationally and we have travel contracts all over the United States. However, the busiest areas for travel are in California, Texas, and the northeastern states.

3. What types of facilities use travel therapists?

We work with hospitals, outpatient facilities, and skilled nursing facilities.

4. How long am I in a contract for?

Contracts vary in length but are traditionally, they are 13-weeks (3 months). We do occasionally see longer and shorter contracts so it’s really up to the traveler to decide what they are comfortable with. You will know the length of the contract when it is presented to you.

5. How much will I be paid?

Our travel therapists (OT/PT/SLP) can expect anywhere from $1500-$1900 per week after taxes. Our travel therapy assistants (COTA/PTA) can expect anywhere from $1000-$1400 per week after taxes.

6. When do I get medical benefits?

TravelMed offers DAY ONE medical benefits!

7. Does your company offer a 401k plan?

Yes, we do offer a 401k plan for qualifying therapists/assistants.

8. What type of housing arrangement will be set up for me?

We can set up housing for you or if you can secure your own if that is more comfortable. Our typical arrangements include a private, fully furnished place with utilities included. We accept specialized requests such as 2-bedrooms, in-house gym, etc. We tend to use a great deal of vacation rentals which are usually a bit more upscale.

9. Can I take my pet(s) with me?

We love pets here at TravelMed but unfortunately not all landlords do. It is up to that specific landlord/community in regard to what their requirements are for pets. However, if you want to bring your pet along on your assignment, we will do our best to secure something that will work for you and your furry friend!

10. How will traveling effect how my resume looks in the future?

Travel therapy looks great on a resume because it typically shows that you are adaptable, work well in varying environments, and aren’t afraid to try new things! Most managers and human resource professionals are familiar with travel therapy and its benefits!

I hope that this list helps but if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can reach me by phone or e-mail. Or, just visit our website at:

Direct Line: (386) 264-6864