Becoming a Travel RN for the First Time


Taking your career from being a staff nurse at a hospital to becoming a traveler is a choice that many nurses consider at some point during their career. The most important thing you can do is organize your recent work experience so that you are prepared to speak to potential employers about your skills.

To get a better picture of your skill level, hospitals want to know where you have been working over the past 2 years with details that help them determine whether you’re a good fit for their hospital.

This is the type of information you can expect to be asked regarding your background:

  • Unit primarily worked
  • Ratio on the floor
  • Computer charting used
  • Acuity of the hospital
  • Certifications held
  • 2 supervisors and their phone numbers that can verify your background
  • What other units you have floated to

Getting organized is a great first step to ensure your initial conversation with a recruiter and hiring manager are successful. Ultimately, the more accurately you can detail your background, the better chance at a great fit for both you and your potential employer!