Healthcare Job Trends


In recent years, jobs in healthcare have appealed to many due to their seemingly bulletproof security in the wake of the economic disaster of 2008. This trend has undoubtedly continued and will for some time to come much to the delight of those who have invested their time and money into gaining the education required to work in such fields. According to a study by, employment in the healthcare industry is booming in 2015. In particular, Registered Nurse positions are expected to continue to see growth through 2022 by a whopping 19% or an addition of 526,800 total jobs. Other healthcare fields considered on top for job growth include:

  • Audiologists – Projected 34% job growth; $70k annual salary
  • Dental Hygienists – Projected 33% job growth; $70k+ annual salary
  • Dieticians – Projected 21% job growth; $55k annual salary
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians – $34k annual salary
  • Medical Technologists – Projected 22% job growth; $48k annual salary
  • Pharmacists – Projected 14% job growth; $117k annual salary
  • Physical Therapists – Projected 36% job growth; $80k annual salary
  • Physiologists – Projected 19% job growth; $43k annual salary
  • Podiatrists – Projected 23% job growth; $116k annual salary

In addition, conducted a survey of healthcare industry employers and found that over half plan to hire temporary/contract workers in 2015 and beyond. The primary reasoning behind this may be a combination of benefit cost savings on the part of the employer and/or a desire to take the employee on a “test drive” before fully committing in a permanent sense. So what does this mean for the RN travel industry? We will continue to see an increase in available positions in all locations and all specialties – great news for those looking for work!

Travel contract work in the healthcare industry can be both satisfying and lucrative. If you’re a RN and you’ve ever had the desire to gain new experiences while working and traveling the U.S., you may want to consider taking on a contract assignment. Currently, TravelMed USA has contracts available for RNs throughout the United States but has seen a recent boom of plentiful contracts in sunny Florida – great location with the spring/summer upon us! Contracts are typically 13 weeks in length in all different specialties and shifts available. In addition, TravelMed also offers Personalized Pay Packages to fit your needs, Day 1 Medical through United Healthcare, and an Attractive Bonus Structure.

If you’re ready to dive into travel work and are interested in hearing a bit more about what jobs are available, contact one of our recruiters and they’d be happy to find something that may fit what you’re looking for. Give them a call at: 386-264-6864

In addition, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about travel contracts in the comments below so please feel free!