Is Becoming a Travel Therapist or Nurse Right For You?


Is becoming a travel allied healthcare professional for you?? Find out by reading the article below!

Traveling is a really great way to go! HONESTLY…..

  1. If you are money motivated or want to pay off your student loans especially if you are a New Grad then traveling is for you. You can travel within your local area. You can travel throughout your state or nationwide. It is up to YOU! TravelMed offers up to $65hr plus benefits and many other incentives.
  2. If you like to explore and see new places then traveling is for you. You get to site see; explore new areas, visit friends or family in other states some you may not have seen in a while. You also get to go through the seasons, very beautiful!
  3. If you like flexibility then traveling may be for you! You can pick your schedule. Most of the time you work Mon-Fri general 8-5, 7-4 but you may be able to get 4 10’s, 3 12’s. You also have the choice to take off as much time as you want in between assignments. Couple days, week, couple months, 6 months. The industry norm is a 13 week assignment however we have 6, 8, 26 even yr contracts. You have the ability to extend at same facility or move on to another.
  4. Also as a travel/contract employee you don’t have to deal with the politics which is always nice.

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