Utilizing Your Recruiter to the Fullest!


The relationship between a traveling therapist and their recruiter varies from person to person. To some, recruiters are a necessary evil in a market that is strained for talent. To others, recruiters are a lifeline that keeps them stable. If you are simply using your recruiter as a way of finding a position, you could be missing out on everything this person has to offer.

With that being said, I wanted to give everyone out there a few tips on getting the most of out your relationship with your recruiter.

Your recruiter is your employee. Make sure you’re getting the most out of him or her by constantly updating him or her on your situation. What your recruiter doesn’t know can ultimately end up hurting your chances of finding a good fit, or getting the highest pay available to you. Communicate with your recruiter and help this person understand what’s motivating you on your search. You never know what small detail could mean the difference between a great fit and 13 weeks of torture.

Therapists have different needs when it comes to working with a recruiter. Have a conversation with your recruiter up front to set the groundwork for this relationship. Do you want a recruiter that’s going to check up on you every month, week, or day? Do you want a recruiter that will find a good fit for you with good pay and not call you back until it’s time to think about the next move? Taking a few minutes to go over what you expect of your recruiter will pay off in the long run. After your recruiter knows your needs, he/she will be able to fine tune your future searches based on your standards.

As always, keep in mind your recruiter will go to bat for you whenever you ask, but you have to ask. If you are interviewing for an assignment and you’re not sure how things will go, ask your recruiter for some tips. Chances are he or she will be able to coach you on how to interview with a certain client to make sure you have a better shot at landing the position. Whenever I mention using your recruiter to get info or assistance that’s above and beyond, it reminds me of a physical therapist traveler I worked with at the beginning of my staffing career. This person (Julia, PT) wanted to go to the mountains in CO for her next assignment because she loved to Hike. When we found potential assignments for Julia, I would look up Hiking locations in the area for her to help her decide which job would be the best bet. Julie ended up accepting a job in CA due to the shortage of open physical therapy positions in CO at the time. The main reason she decided to take CA over the possibility of CO was because she knew there was some great Hiking in the area. This was a compromise on both ends, and it wouldn’t have been possible had I not known what was motivating her to travel.

Next time you are contacting your recruiter for your job search, try to use some of these tips. Communication is key, and if your recruiter knows you well, he or she will work much harder for you. When you are using your recruiter to his or her full potential, you will end up with positions that will keep you happy while you’re doing what you love. This will also make for a long lasting relationship and long term positions.

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