Wanderlust Problems: Solo Travel Photos


Even if you’re not that “into” photography, documenting your travels is so very important and something you will have no regrets doing. In fact, most individuals that accept travel assignments are doing so because they have a desire to travel and explore new areas. However, what do you do when you want to take photos and you’re by yourself? Check out these tips below for a few ideas to make sure you don’t miss a single shot!

1. Invest in a good quality tripod and timer.

This one is the classic solution if you want to take a picture of yourself and no one is with you. However, I’m someone who loves photography and I can tell you it’s important to invest in a good quality tripod that is made for rugged environments if you’re going to be using it for more than just indoor photography. Best advice? Head over to Google and search “rugged camera tripod” and you should come up with a variety of options to choose from. In addition, you’ll need to make sure you purchase a camera timer. Usually the “clicker” is quite small so it’s easy to disguise it in your hand without anyone knowing that you took the photo yourself.

2. Selfie camera/Selfie stick.

The “selfie” was supposedly started by a gentleman named Lestor Wisbrod in the early 1980s, or at least that’s what he claims. According to him, it was a way to quickly take photos of himself with celebrities – over 150 of them! (Learn more about Lester here!) Interestingly enough, he did note that taking selfies back then wasn’t quite as simple as it is now with our easy to use front facing cameras. However, if that isn’t simple enough for you, you may want to try a selfie camera or selfie stick. This revolutionary (term used loosely) product has introduced an even simpler way to take photos of ourselves when no one can do it for us.The cameras typically have a flip out LCD screen that shows you what photo you are taking in real time as you are taking it. Alternatively, you can choose the stick which doesn’t require you to be as close to the camera as you would be holding it in your hand. Either way, selfies just became even easier.

3. Join a group online and schedule a meet up.

Although I am not a travel nurse or therapist, I do like to stay in touch with those within the travel nurse/therapy industry and have found several groups on sites dedicated for that purpose on Facebook. What better way to meet new people in your field than by joining a group specifically for that purpose? Sometimes when we’re off in a new place on our own, it can get a little lonely so being able to relate to someone there with similar experiences can be comforting and also allow you network and gain new friendships. Talk with some of the members, ask questions, and if you’re comfortable with it, schedule a meet up with a few people that are in the same general area. What an awesome way to get those pictures and make new memories.

4. When you’re out exploring, just ask someone!

Forget the internet. You’re touring a new city and exploring your surroundings – get out of the house and just explore! When you’re walking down your new city street or exploring that great local establishment, don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you (within reason and your safety in mind of course). Ask them questions about the area – locals will typically have a lot of knowledge about the area that you wouldn’t necessarily know. They may even be able to point you toward “must see” places in your area that will ultimately enrich your travel experience.


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