Employee Onboarding: What You Need To Know


I get a lot of questions about what the process is to come aboard as an employee of TravelMed USA. Our primary business is staffing nurses and therapists in contract assignments throughout the United States. Although our employees work at facilities other than our internal offices, it is important to remember that these individuals remain our employees and are hired based on, at a minimum, our requirements.


When your recruiter is speaking to you about submitting you to a potential assignment, they will typically ask for 3 basic items from you in order to be considered.

  • Updated Resume
  • 2 Professional References
  • Skills Checklist

These items complete your candidate profile. Once your profile is submitted to the client, you will be interviewed over the phone by someone at the facility – typically a director or regional manager. If you are chosen for the position, the client will communicate that with us as well as an offer which will then be presented to you. Upon your acceptance, you will be fully credentialed. By “credentialed”, I am referring to the process of obtaining all of your new hire documents required by TravelMed USA and the client. This will typically include:

  • TravelMed USA Application (electronically completed)
  • HR Documents (electronically completed)
  • Testing completed through Prophecy Health (exams and skills checklist)
  • Copies of therapy license, BLS, and health records as required
  • NPI number
  • Completed copies of direct deposit and health insurance forms
  • Any forms related to the specific client you will be working for


Travel positions for nurses are typically more in-depth with requirements and will depend on whether you are submitted as a travel contract nurse or in PRN status.

Travel Contract Nurse Process:

  • Resume & References
  • Skills Checklist completed through Prophecy Health
  • Copy of nursing license
  • Copy of social security card
  • Copy of BLS (through American Heart Association) and any other certifications pertaining to your specialty (ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc.)

The above documents represent what we need to submit you to the typical nursing need, however, keep in mind there are facilities that will require more items than what is listed above – these are only the basics. All other documents needed to complete your file by either TravelMed USA or the client will be collected after you are interviewed and offered the contract but must be obtained and completed prior to your start date. The PRN process operates a little differently as the hospital will require every document up front before you are interviewed.

PRN Nurse Process:

  • Everything listed in the ‘Travel Contract Nurse Process’
  • TravelMed USA Application (electronically completed)
  • HR Documents (electronically completed)
  • Testing completed through Prophecy Health (exams and skills checklist)
  • Copies of required health records
  • Completed copies of direct deposit and health insurance forms
  • Any forms related to the specific client you will be working for

In addition to the document collecting process, we will also run a background check, education verification, and drug screening. Once these items are completed and all documents obtained, your file will be passed to our compliance department where it will be reviewed for quality assurance. All files should be in a complete status at least 3 days before your start date in order to give us time to review any issues. Anything that is not passable by Joint Commission standards will be addressed prior to your start date.

If you have any further questions about the onboarding process, please feel free to send me a message or comment below. I’d be happy to answer your questions!



Background Checks: The Importance of Consent

141222143406-employment-background-checks-1024x576 (1)

When coming aboard any new position, 9 times out of 10 the employer will require a background check to be completed and cleared prior to your first day on the job. Typically, you will sign a consent form or “release of information” form buried somewhere in your new hire paperwork that will go over the various types of checks you are consenting to having run whether that is your criminal, educational, medical, credit, or other background information. It is important that the employer receives this consent and that the potential employee understands what they are agreeing to.

Candidates should know that no employer is exempt from obtaining permission before running your background. Verbal permission is not valid for obtaining a background check which is why the form exists in the first place. This serves as protection for both the employer and employee since verbal consent/contracts can easily become quite messy. In addition, if the employer declines to employ you based on information they received in your background check, they are required to report that to you and give you the company’s name that provided the information.

In the travel nurse/therapy industry, a lack of gaining the consent needed in a timely manner can have negative consequences including:

  1. Your start date could be pushed back because the results aren’t received in a timely manner (background checks aren’t quick!)
  2. The facility might book someone in your place that has their background information cleared while waiting for yours to come back. Losing your contract over something like this is not worth it.
  3. From a business perspective, we can lose the contract and could possibly lose the relationship we have with the facility itself if we don’t have things done when we say we will.

I cannot stress enough how important the credentialing/paperwork side of coming aboard as a new hire is on all sides. Please note that I am not advocating for you to skim through your paperwork and get back all information as quickly as possible without reading through and understanding what you are signing. However, I am advocating for the importance of the new hire process and making sure things are completed timely. Make your documents and credentialing process a priority – not items you’ll get around to completing. We’re here to help you start – not annoy you with loads of paperwork. Additionally, when you get the paperwork to fill out, read it and make sure you understand it. If you have any questions about the paperwork or the process, let us know immediately so that we have the opportunity to address any items you wish to talk about. Doing this early in the process will help avoid getting things in late and ultimately, causing you further issues when you’re unable to start in time.

You’re a valued professional and the facility needs you there for a reason which is why they want you to start on time. If you have any questions about our credentialing process at TravelMed USA, please let me know. I’d be happy to go over what to expect if you decide to come aboard with us. Please feel free to send me an e-mail.