5 Interview Tips for Therapists & Nurses


Tip #1: Do all your homework and have your notes in hand.

Prior to the interview, do some research about your potential employer and keep any notes (plus your resume) within reach for easy reference during the call. The interviewer will appreciate that you took the time to research their facility.

Tip #2: Let your personality do the talking and Smile

When the interview begins, remember to take a deep breath and smile when you start talking. Your interviewer already has seen your resume so make sure your personality comes through. Smiling while you speak will help set you at ease and make you sound more positive to the interviewer.

Tip #3: Be informative but concise.

Striking the balance between giving short answers and long winded ones can make a huge difference during the interview. You want to give as much relevant information about yourself and your qualifications without running on too long.

Tip #4: Ask questions.

You may be so excited for the interview that you forget to ask questions about what your job will entail. If the interviewer doesn’t offer you the chance to ask questions, be sure to include that in the conversation when the time is right. It will demonstrate professionalism and commitment if you ask about what to expect in terms of scheduling, dress code, time, off, productivity level, patient caseload/population and how many other staff members are in the department.

If you need housing you can always ask if they may know of any since they are permanent and local they may have suggestions or know someone who is renting a place.

Tip #5: Conclude with confidence.

When the interview begins to wrap up, remember to thank your interviewer for their time and for the opportunity to speak with them. It’s important to conclude with a follow up question about what the next steps are in the interview process. This will show the interviewer that you are interested in the position and eager to move forward in the process.

Good Luck!!